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Proficiency Program Completion Process
Completion Process for Demonstrating Mastery of Proficiencies.

In order to demonstrate completion of Level 1 of the Technology Proficiency Programs, participants will need to complete and pass an online examination. The online examination will consist of 50 questions. Participants completing the Professional Educator or the Support Staff Programs must demonstrate a passing level of 70% on the examination to complete Level 1 of the program.

In the Professional Educator Program, there are three additional levels. These levels are associated with application of skills as it relates to the users role in the district and the instructional use of technology in the classroom. Completion of these levels will be based on portfolio assessment. Portfolio requirements are listed below.

Pathway to Online Examination for Completion of Level 1
In order to be registered for the online e xaminations associated with Level 1 of the Proficiency Programs, participants will need to adhere to the following steps toward registration.

  • The Participant reviews the Self Evaluation Rubric and Begins to mark off items that the employee identifies as already mastered components.  
  • If additional skills are needed (identified by the participant through use of the rubric), the participant is to identify and complete any train ing sessions needed to develop the necessary skills for completion. Skills acquisition may include but is not limited to, Technology Happy Hours, in-District Staff Development, individu alized assistance or Out of District Staff Development.  
  • Upon completion of the rubric, participants are to meet with the designated Campus Instructional Support person to discuss readiness for examination. Discussion may include evidence such as a portfolio.
  • If skills are present, the Campus Instructional Support person provides access for registration of Review Courses and Test through the Learning Management System.
  •  Participant registers for and completes the Review Courses through the Learning Management System. (Completion of the review courses is recommended, but not required).
  • Participant registers for the online te st through the Learning Management System.
  • Participant completes the online test.

Testing Stipulations

Participants will be permitted to take the online exam for completion of Level 1of the program up to a maximum of three attempts. The above named processes have been provided to ensure that all participants are successful as they progress through the program. In the event that a participant is unable to pass the online examination after three attempts with an accuracy of at least 70%, the participant will be placed on a comprehensive professional development plan and will be provided with one additional year to complete a portfolio demonstrating mastery of all components.

Level 2 - 4  Portfolio Completion Process

Through the use of the SWISD District Lesson Planning Portal (Forethought), teachers will develop documentation to support proficiency at Levels 2 - 4.  Completion of Level 2 - 4 is not about the formulation of a listing of lesson plans that include technology tools used by teachers and students, but is the combination of the developed lesson plans and the accurate execution of the lesson within the classroom.

Level 2 mastery includes the ability of a teacher to consistently identify instructional tools that can support the delivery of instruction to students. This includes teachers developing instructional resources utilizing tools such as Digital Stories, Videos, Podcasts, Interactive PowerPoint presentations and other teacher developed resources to meet specified instructional needs. This process can also include teachers identifying second party technology resources to enhance learning, such as the use of KLRN Videos, Interactive Response Systems, Web resources or online instructional tools. The art of mastering Level 2 is in the teachers ability to meet the requirements set forth in the rubric and demonstrate that mastery through the development of lessons and the delivery of those lessons utilizing the Designing and Deliverying Effective Instruction format. The master of Level 2 is the art of seamlessly utilizing technology as a teacher in an appropriate manner.  As long as the use of the technology and the development of the lesson plan is considered cumbersome or overwhelming, the level is not yet mastered. Mastery of the level is the ability for the teacher to comfortably use a variety of technology tools in the classroom to support student learning of content.

Level 3 mastery includes the ability of the teacher to consistently identify instructional tools for students to utilizing in conjuntion with teacher instructional tools to master content. In this level, teachers are still utilizing the skills learned and mastered in Level 2, but are extending the activities and the resources for student use in the classroom. This level should promote the creative use of technology by students. Mastery of Level 3 is when a teacher is comfortable in allowing students to select tools that best support their learning and support the content delivered by the teacher.

Level 4 mastery includes the ability of the teacher to seek additional resources and maintain use of technology in the classroom at a high level. Level 4 is a continuous maintenance level, rather than a stepping stone to completion.  


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